Lucky Find

The Lucky One – Nicholas Sparks

Romance, North Carolina, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Logan had hit luck when he won some poker games and its all because of a photo of a woman he had collected from his time during Iraq. His friend asks him if he knows the woman but unfortunately Logan had no clue who the woman is. He immediately begins a journey across the country to find this woman. When he did find her, he finds himself grateful and happy that he took a risk. A lucky risk.

I had read this a few years ago and the story made me tear up. I never had a book impact me so much like this novel had done. I sort of wished that there was a sequel or the book to have been longer. The idea of traveling all ends of the earth for the woman is so heartwarming. I had to pick this book off the shelves to reread this novel again. I can’t say enough words to describe how this novel makes me feel. I was recommended Nicholas Sparks to read and I plan to find more books to read by him. They are excellent. I highly recommend Nicholas Sparks to read for general fiction.


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