A Willing Sacrifice

King’s Cage – Victoria Aveyard

Young adult, Science fiction.

Rating 8.7/10

Mare sacrificed herself to Maven to protect those who she considers dear and innocent of this war between Silver and Red bloods. Maven holds her prisoner and parading his prize to everyone. Mare doesn’t understand why he keeps her alive, she’s committed a lot of wrong. He only keeps her as a weapon against The Scarlet Guard. As well as he finds her useful in other ways as well. Either she plays her role that he gave her or the fate of her family hangs in question.

This book was heavy and sort of hard to follow because I was expecting one theory and got another. I have to say this novel really kept me on my toes through each page. There are a few changes in perspective and its stated in the beginnings of each new chapter. Overall, I enjoy the fact that this doesn’t involve romance whatsoever but survival and fighting both externally and internally. The author provides more detail and history of this fictional world through the plot. I appreciate an author who goes in depth rather leave the reader wondering. I couldn’t put the book down without questioning what’s to happen to Mare. I’m too heavily invested in this series and never was this heavily invested when my best friend introduced me to the Divergent series, another Young adult series I will be reading eventually. I do recommend this Young Adult series as well as the other I’ve mentioned. 


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