Witchcraft and LIES

Salem Falls – Jodi Picoult

Drama, crime fiction, witchcraft, drugs, crimes, fiction.

Jack was falsely accused of a crime he did not commit and had to pay for that with eight months in jail. After he got out, he vowed to find a new place to call home since his hometown banished him from ever coming back. He finds a new town called Salem Falls. After getting well adjusted history repeats itself and he is damned determined to be coming out innocent.

I had wanted to read a different author and had picked this novel up months ago. I enjoyed every single moment of this novel the first time and the second time I read this novel I realize why the first time I was hesitant. The start is slow and then builds up. I prefer these types of books because slowly one gets hooked onto the pages. The past and present being separated by chapters assist the story further. I was screaming for the plot to be revealed again. Therefore, I love this novel. It makes me angry and anxious in a good way. I love being kept on my toes when reading a novel.

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