A Weird Surprise?

Zero’s Familiar 1-3

Story: Noboru Yamaguchi

Art: Nana Mochizuki

Manga, romance, comedy, witches, wizards, familiars, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Louise is a mage wanting to summon her familiar as the first test of becoming a mage. When she summons a mage, it’s a human as her familiar by the name of Saito. Saito, being equally confused, is distraught about how he ended up in the realm of magic and as this girl’s familiar. Saito and Louise begin to adjust to each other and the challenges they will come across together. Sticking to each other, they are partners in crime for what life puts in front of them. They slowly fall for each other.

This was made into an anime that I watched first then sought out for the manga version. I love this manga for how weird it goes, and it goes in a direction that makes the reader question what they are reading. This was hilarious and weird. I love this manga and wished it was longer.


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