Telepathic Communication? WHAT?!

Crosstalk – Connie Willis

Romance, science fiction, comedy, satire, fiction.

Rating 13/10

There is an operation that allows couples to get emotionally connected so they can feel each other’s emotions and be more connected on another new level. Briddey and Trent plan to get that operation done. Briddey has been told by this co-worker, C.B. that this was going to be a bad idea. As well as Briddey’s family told her to not do it because its not worth the cause. Trent said that he wanted this done so he can feel what she’s feels when he proposes to her but sadly, they must wait months for the famous doctor to do the procedure. When the doctor has a new opening, Briddey and Trent are moved up to a closer date to get the procedure. Briddey goes through it and the aftereffects are not normal. She hears C.B.’s voice rather than Trent. Both must get to the bottom of this mystery. Briddey realizes that communication is far more complicated that she originally had thought of and discovers the consequences to be forever life changing.

This book is both scary and hilarious. The idea of being emotionally connected is scary but the whole issue that Briddey is dealing with is horribly funny. C.B., her coworker isn’t helping the situation with his trivia mania. Other than that, this book is a real page turner. There is a perfect amount of romance, science fiction, comedy, and satire to keep turning the pages reading through until the last page. I sort of wished I didn’t binge read this novel but maybe soon I’ll pick it up and reread it. I thought this book was going to be bland, but I was grateful I was wrong. I couldn’t stop reading this book. Anyways, I highly recommend this book for everyone who wants to get a kick out of this novel.

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