Self Controlled Fertility?!

The Woman’s War – Jenna Glass

Science fiction, fertility, magic, spells, women, war, fiction.

Rating 9/10

A spell by three women was casted and now women can control their fertility. This spell only allows women choose when they wish to be pregnant and not by the choice of their partner. This changes the world dramatically as sudden changes occur. There is a need for an heir to claim the throne, otherwise, the throne is free for the taking. Fate of countries are in the hands of women and men are trying to take away their ability to control their fertility. Everything is at stake.

I loved this book because its different science fiction I’ve ever came across. A spell that allows the woman control whether or not she will become pregnant is a brilliant subject to tackle in this world where men are domineering. This book is slow at first, but it does pick up momentum as the story progresses. I highly recommend this novel whether one into science fiction or not. This was an excellent read.

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