Suggested Reading – Dave Connis

Young adult, banned books, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Clara loves literature as much as she loves breathing air, she needs to read various types of literature. When its senior year, she is prepared to read certain books on her list. Clara comes across an email she shouldn’t have had read and is angry as well as devastated. All her favorite books are banned and taken out of circulation. Clara attempts to reason with the principal, she is told to stand down otherwise she would face the consequences of her actions. Clara enlists her friend to start an underground book club with these banned titles in rebellion of the unfair rules. Someone catches her distributing these banned books and Clara must face the reality of her actions as well as her heart on the matter.

This book caught my attention for far too many reasons. This novel is different from I’ve read, and I loved this novel so much I reread the novel. The idea of banned books and one bibliophile fighting for book rights really warms my heart that at least there is a fictional character I can relate to. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to read about the fight for unbanning books.

RANT: I don’t understand why books are banned in general. All books should be accepted and appreciated. Writing fiction is never an easy task and I personally find it a waste to even have a banned list. Yes, some books are controversial, but they sometimes reflect time eras of when the authors were going through and or topics that needed to be addressed one form or another. If one doesn’t want to read controversial books, then don’t read the book at all. If we restrict the books we offer to our youth, this sends a bad message that reading should only be assigned and creativity as well as curiosity should be nonexistent. For me I would rather have the freedom to read what ever I wanted versus only given an outline of potential books I’m allowed to read. As a bibliophile, that idea of a list of banned books horrifies me slightly. There are some books that should be banned such as Twilight but that’s my only banned book list I would have in my household.

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A bibliophile who loves literature of all kinds and listens to rock and metal music

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