Brilliant Children with Extraordinary Powers

The Institute – Stephen King

Horror, fiction.

Rating 15/10

Luke Ellis is a bright kid who craves information and is only at the age of twelve; he is far advanced mentally than his peers. His parents don’t know how to cope with having a gifted child so they try their hardest to ensure he can get into more advanced courses or in college. After he takes the SAT, he returns to his hotel room with his family. When unsuspecting intruders comes to take Luke away and bring him to an unknown location called The Institution. Luke learns to discover with other kids who are in the place that they administer tests for a while then send you somewhere else and after they’re done, they wipe the kids’ memories and return them home is what is perceived but not the dark reality. Luke manages to escape but is on the run for his life in attempts to get help from the outside world to bring down this horrendous institute that treats kids as weapons to murder people. Survival of Luke getting to the authorities to help his newfound friends he had made while he was in the Institute.

This novel is very thick and hearty, much like a very well-made homemade stew, that made me want to reread the book many times. However, I couldn’t because this book was a seven-day book loan and took me four days to complete the book. I wanted to savor the pages as long as I could within that seven-day period. Stephen King really went over the top with this novel. There was definite bits and pieces from his earlier works, Firestarter and The Shining, combined with some intense and crazy power-hungry institute that uses these bright children for murder. I highly recommend this novel towards the audience who crave madness within six hundred pages. This novel goes into dark crevices that leave one questioning the basic foundations of what’s reality and what’s fiction. Stephen King really overdid this book and I loved this novel more than his previous works.  

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