Isolation can drive you MAD

Under the Dome: Part 1 – Stephen King

Horror, Fiction.

Rating 8/10

A quiet and quaint town of Chester Mill, Maine, has the inhabitants are going about their day as usual. One day, suddenly a boundary forms that is proven destructive if anyone encounters such thing and no one can see until its too late. The town goes into full panic and chaos. Only one person has a connection to the outside world as well as a lifeline that keeps the town partially sane. For the time being.

This Stephen King novel is very tame for what the subject of horror. I enjoyed the slow build up as King always had mastered with other works that are large. I love Stephen King and I personally think he is the King of Horror fiction. I do recommend this novel as one of the starters for reading his works because King’s works are not for the faint of heart.


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