Teenagers Can Be Troublesome

Salem Falls – Jodi Picoult

General fiction, romance, drama, mystery, thriller.

Rating 12/10

Jack got released from being in prison for eight months due to a crime he did not commit. When he arrives at Salem Falls, he immediately has to do what all sex offenders must do, tell the local authorities. Addie was a mother, still mourning after her daughter’s death and her father’s alcoholism. What she did not need is the inspector to close her diner for a simple need to repair a washer. Reluctantly, Jack enters and Addie forces him to play along with her story about him being the repairman to come and fix it, Jack plays along. Addie hires Jack. Both grow close to each other, Jack revealing his past and Addie reveals her past to him. Someone leaked the information about Jack to the entire town, threatening him to leave, but they do not know the entire story. Now history is repeating itself and Jack must face what is yet to come. At the last moment, new evidence comes to light proving that Jack was innocent on both accounts of the crimes.

This novel started off slow and slightly annoying. However, as Picoult builds up the storyline, the plot got more interesting and revealed more of the story later on in the plot. I thoroughly was invested in the plot more and more to the point I’d eventually had finished the book. I was angry at the whole cliché but this time I was fine with the cliché of man claims to be innocent and the twist was that he was innocent. What I wasn’t satisfied is the aftermath, what would the new evidence have created? I hope that maybe the author might write a sequel that highlights this information and expands that plotline further. Overall, I enjoyed this novel and the author intrigued me to read more of her works.


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