The Tesla Legacy – K.K. Perez

Young adult, science fiction, genetic, alchemy, fantasy, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Lucy had always lived a pretty normal life minus the constant seizures in her life. Her parents have always had her on lockdown because of this. She never had a normal life until she had convinced her parents to at least let her go to public school, but even then, she felt like an outsider. When she came across a mysterious photo and decides to pursue the photo’s location in which it was taken, she discovers a secret lab of Nikola Tesla. As she learns more and more about her unique powers, one side wants her dead whereas the other side wants her alive. She had to make a risky decision to save her life and others as well.

I enjoyed this unique novel but felt it was too cliched for my taste. A young girl being hid away from the rest of the world and finding out she has something incredible powers or something to that nature. I am fine with this because unlike others this novel was written with in depth narrative. The plot builds up to the climax was incredible and well thought into. I hate the fact that this book left on a cliffhanger which means the author is bound to make a sequel. I really hope that this novel becomes a series because it has immense potential.

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