Toxic Marriage.. Nope

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

Mystery, fiction.

Rating 5/10

Nick and Amy’s fifth year anniversary are here, and Nick got some big plans for her. He leaves to go to work and returns home only after getting a phone call from a neighbor concerned about the open door. When he returns home, he calls out for Amy but as Amy disappeared. Nick called the police and all he wants is for the police to find his wife. On the other hand, in Amy’s diary she recollects the first time she and Nick met, among other topics giving small clues as to what is occurring in her mind. Slowly both Nick and Amy realize that their marriage is a sham, and this only spiral downwards. One person murdered and a pregnant woman, both parties have something over each other and vow to stay married.

I did not enjoy this novel at all. Both main characters are both protagonists and antagonists. This was a sad and depressing book that I ever had read. However, this is only fiction, but it does bring up major topics about the psychology of a marriage. Anyways, I do admire how this was written and presented as well as understand why it was popular. Not only because the novel was turned into a movie but for its plotline. At least it was clear as the plot progressed that neither narrators were reliable as they both were incompetent to tell the story.


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