This Was Okay?

The Universal Laws of Marco – Carmen Rodriguez

Friendship, love, Cuban Americans, Miami, young adult, fiction.

Rating 4/10

Marco has his whole life planned by him. It is senior year, he is working hard for his family, applying to colleges, and has a girlfriend. He remembers a time where he and this girl, Sally used to be close friends and she was his first kiss. Sally disappeared for a long time and Marco had coped with her disappearance and moved on. When Sally had returned, this threw Marco’s universe into a whole new direction. He finds himself thinking more and more about her. Eventually his girlfriend catches on and breaks up with him. Sally comes around and Marco confesses his love for her. Sally confesses her love for him as well. Both Sally and Marco look forward to a future together.

I sort of enjoyed this novel, but it was too painstakingly slow. To me it was too much of a cliché love story. Childhood best friends becoming lovers is overplayed and would’ve wanted a better story. There was too much telling of the past and present that it got confusing for me. I did enjoy the use of astrology because it made the story a bit better. With all considered with this young adult novel, maybe if someone was into cheesy teen romance novels, this would be for them. I was expecting something different but instead got a stupid cliché.


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