Keep Running! DON’T LOOK BACK!

Deadman Running – James Patterson with Christopher Farnsworth

Murder mystery, thriller, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Randall Beck is an ordinary psychiatrist who works with patients that have extreme cases of post-traumatic stress disorder. What his patients don’t know is that Beck has a brain tumor that is slowly but surely killing him. After a session with his patient, he walks with his patient outside. A van comes and someone assassinates his patient in front of his eyes. The very same van comes, and these men claim they are with the secret service, but they aren’t. They temporarily kidnap Beck, but Beck manages to get away. He calls help from an associate, Susan. After finding out that the patient’s wife is dead and there was a woman claiming to be his wife, it is a fight to escape. Now all the police are after Beck and Susan for a crime they didn’t commit. Beck races the clock to rescue as many lives as he can before his own clock ends. The senator holds Beck and Susan hostage and proposes the idea of Beck being the bomber man. If Beck cooperates, Susan will be freed and sent home alive. Now Beck has no choice but to cooperate and be a kamikaze solider for this senator. Both Beck and Susan simultaneously make plans to save themselves.

I extremely loved this thriller mystery novel. It was so fast paced and intense that I finished it in one day. It is rare for me to really love the novel to finish it in one day like this one. It was a page turner for sure and I loved the race against time. James Patterson’s collaboration with Christopher Farnsworth was the best. It wasn’t expected for the plot twist, however. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to read an excellent mystery thriller. This book satisfied what I wanted as a thriller novel. There was no cliché bullshit either, so I was happy with this novel.


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