A New Robin Hood

Sherwood – Megan Spooner

Young adult, fiction

Rating 7/10

Maid Marian was hoping for her Robin Hood to come home from the war to marry him and start their life together. Marian is told of the horrible news that she denies; Robin Hood is dead. Instead of coping with the loss of Robin Hood, she does something brave and utterly risky, becomes Robin Hood. Masquerading as Robin Hood, she does exactly what Robin Hood had done, and she ultimately becomes the legend. It is a risky business, stealing from the rich to give to the poor as well as bringing rightful justice to those who have been falsely accused and falsely condemned.

This novel was interesting to see a woman do something that a man can do. Feminism was one of the themes of this novel and I do like this because it’s not being shoved down the throat. It is a lovely novel that was thought into and well written as well as great for young adults. It could have had more adventure into the novel but can’t complain because this is a young adult fiction novel.

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