Not Another Horrible Romance Novel!

The Mister – E.L. James

Erotic Romance, Fiction

Rating 2/10

Maxim had found out his brother died and left his entire earldom to him. Meanwhile Alessia Demachi is on the run from bad people and had sought refuge as well as a job by being a cleaning daily for Maxim. Maxim finds out she can play beautiful music on the piano as well as uncaptured by her. Both Maxim and Alessia are interested in each other and as time goes on things get steamy between the two, both attempting to hold back due to each other’s secrets. Alessia on the run from these sex trafficking men and Maxim is and earl, no thanks to his brother. Alessia tells him the truth and he can’t help but to help her. Trouble arises and Maxim must rescue Alessia.

I had such high hopes for this author to bring good despite her past works that were literately crap. This was just as bad the other works James had ever written and produced. Not sorry, but the whole rich guy and poor girl romance is boring and not exciting. It’s quite pathetic in my opinion. Maybe this author needs to try a new genre that isn’t romance nor erotica. I’ve read fan-fiction that was hell of a lot steamier and sexier than this and that says a lot from someone who hardly ever reads romance novels.


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