An Insight on The Past

Stranger Things: Darkness on The Edge of Town – Adam Christopher

Science fiction, fantasy

Rating 9/10

Jim Hopper had adopted Eleven, named her Jane Hopper but still calls her El. As the time of Christmas, it isn’t easy for Hopper. For he had a family once before and lost his family in a tragic way. Eleven whose curiosity wonders, asks Hopper of his past. Hopper doesn’t really wish to share about his past, but he gives in and tells her from the beginning. Jim Hopper worked as a detective homicide in N.Y.P.D. There had been three murders exactly alike and it disturbs Hopper and his coworkers as well. Things become eerily dark as truths surface and a sinister evil is looming over the entire town. Hopper retelling all this to Eleven helps him cope with the past a bit more.

This novel was exceptionally good, and it was well written. I enjoyed this novel as it is from one of my favorite shows, Stranger Things. Hopper retelling to Eleven was equally as heart warming as Hopper adopting Eleven as Jane Hopper. If one hasn’t seen Stranger Things, it is wise to go watch it then to read this novel. I would’ve hoped that this book could have been slightly better. This gives insight as to Hopper’s background, where he came from, what experiences he went through before coming back to Hawkins, Indiana.


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