Cue Stalker’s Anthem Here

The Hypnotist’s Love Story – Liane Moriarty  

Hypnotists, stalkers, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Ellen, a hypnotist, fell in love with her single life of being a hypnotist and her work is at her grandmother’s house she left behind for Ellen. Not long later Ellen fell in love with a man she meets by the name of Patrick. She truly adores him and his son Jack. But the troubling aspect of Patrick is that he has a stalker. One would instantly think is a red flag. Not to Ellen. After a couple months of them dating, he proposes to her and she reveals she is pregnant. She seems to think its okay but when the stalking becomes an issue that’s when the storm came. Jack gets injured because of Patrick’s stalker. On the other side of the story, the stalker Saskia still loves Patrick and Jack but refuses to give up. She is persistent and overstepped her boundaries by breaking and entering as well as injuring her ex-boyfriend’s child. Patrick acted to ensure that Saskia can’t come near them at all.

I really enjoyed another one of Moriarty’s novels. They are always intriguing and always have me turning to the next page to read more to see more of the plot unveil itself. However, this book’s theme of stalking was humoring and troubling as the protagonist didn’t immediately see the stalking as a red flag warning that one should get the fuck out of the relationship or discus with the partner about solving the stalking issue by simply filling out a restraining order. This should be a lesson to those who have stalkers. Record all the stalker’s movements and act before something life threatening happens. Stalking someone is never acceptable at all. Especially a former lover and such because its creepy and desperate. Move forward, don’t obsess. Anyways I would give this a recommendation to read and if one has already read this novel then reread it. I sure hope to reread this novel soon.


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