A More Sinister Evil..

Hannibal – Thomas Harris

Horror, fiction, suspense.

Hannibal Lector had escaped from being in custody and been living life to the greatest he can. Meanwhile, someone equally as sinister is hunting Lector down for revenge for his disfigurement. Clarice Starling, feeling guilt and wanting him to go back into custody has to first rescue Lector. The tables turn as it is Lector saving Starling as well as mending her. He leaves her in a good condition but as far as her partner goes, he was dissected and maimed horribly.

What can I say? Thomas Harris is the prince of horror. Harris knows how to write a damn morbidly creepy tale that gives one shivers down their spines. I had binge read this after dark. I know I should have taken note for book before this one but couldn’t help but to binge read this novel. I highly recommend one to first read Silence of the Lambs then this one.

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