Eh This One Was Okay..

Asclepius – Christopher M. Rutledge

Assassination attempt, investigation, alternative medicinal doctors, conspiracy theories, murder mystery, thrilling, fiction

Rating 6/10

Doctor Geoffrey Chance Du Bois is an alternative medicine doctor who was targeted and was nearly assassinated in his own home. He isn’t the only one that’s been recently targeted. His fellow collogues were targeted and murdered as well. Some theories of their timely deaths might be the pharmaceutical industry, someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. More and more deaths happen as it’s a race to catch the serial killer.

This small novel of one hundred and fifty-three pages could’ve been more thrilling. However, I am a fan of small murder mystery novels. This was exceptionally good and well written as well as thoroughly thrilling till the end. It was very different from what I have read before.


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