Cat Lovers Would Love This!

The Traveling Cat Chronicles – Hiro Arikawa, Translated by Philip Gabriel

Cats, adventure, cars, cross country, human-animal relationship, friendships, family, fiction

Rating 10/10

This story is told through point of views of a cat and a human named Satoru. This cat has no name prior to meeting Satoru but had been injured in a car accident that led to the cat asking help from this human. In exchange, Satoru keeps the cat till the cats not injured and well enough to go back outside to be a homeless cat. However, the cat decides to stay with the human. Satoru and the cat go on an adventure across the country, Satoru finds a home for this cat where he least expects. The cat being forever in this humans gratitude, thinks that this human who cared for him was the best human companion.

I was unsure of this type of story, from a cat’s point of view but of a human writing it. It was strange but it was a very heart touching book that made me laugh and cry. I wish more authors would write in new points of views that aren’t human. If anyone who loves cats would surely love this purrfect novel.


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