Morbid Comedy and Romantic

Josh + Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating = Christina Lauren

Romance, dating, comedy, fiction

Rating 15/10

As the title gives away much of the idea of the book, however there is more to the story of Hazel Bradford and Josh Im. Hazel and Josh have history together of awkward encounters and ran into each other during a barbeque. Here is the situation, Hazel is undatable due to her chaotic personality and Josh has a serious personality, one would think that the differences in personalities, romance wouldn’t be in the equation. Especially after Josh finds out his girlfriend had been cheating on him with the help of Hazel’s interrogation of nonsense. Plot twist! They come to love each other but deny their chemistry. Josh and Hazel go far as setting each other up with blind double dates that their dates end up together rather with them. As seeing Josh and Hazel think this is just lust, they sleep together, and go on with their lives but the realization of the truth hits them. They are simply meant to be together.

While at the library, in search of a new book to read, this book caught my attention. I promised myself to read this through to see if it’s a guidebook to not dating someone because the title’s name sounds like advice. This book made me laugh so hard at some of the scenes and made me cringe as well. I love Hazel because of her weirdness, she reminds me of myself. How most of my friends and close friends say I am weird but lovable in that way. I had to reread this book because of its hilarious moments and cringe moments. Totally would recommend to those who are not wanting to read just romance but want to read a rom-com.

Lauren, Christina. Josh Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating . Simon & Schuster, 2018.


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