Unsuspecting Romance

The Real Deal – Lauren Blakely

Romance, drama, fiction, comedy

Rating 11/10

Meet April Hamilton, a young artist who is desperate for a date for her family’s reunion. Theo Banks is a man who is trying to pay off debts and works as a boyfriend for hire plus bartending as well. When April and Theo go together to her family reunion, certain events lead them closer and closer. Things get pretty hot and heavy for them both. Eventually she feels like she is lying to her family and found out some truths about Theo that he hadn’t told her. She comes out to the truth to her family and so does he with her and to his own family. April pays him but he doesn’t want her money, so he chases the girl he fell in love with on the job. She fell for him too. After all, something that was a gig became the real deal in the end.

Usually I don’t read romance comedies but the back synopsis plus title ensnared my attention. I love how the characters just eventually seeing through the bullshit of the gig and became like real boyfriend and girlfriend. It was funny too the whole trip and events that led them to get closer and hot and heavy. Totally worth rereading.


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