Steamy Romance Ooh La La

Night Owl – M. Pierce

Romance, drama, fiction, online dating, adult situations, explicit, NSFW


Hannah Catalano begins a process of leaving her current dead-beat boyfriend and terrible job as well as moving back home to temporarily live with her parents. On another spectrum Matt Sky has it all, a writing company and a loving girlfriend. When Hannah and Matt meet online for strictly writing purposes, there are strict rules. Unknowingly Hannah breaks a rule, the walls between them fall apart. As time grows, so do their relationship. Things get hot and steamy here. Until drama happens and Matt loses his mind after heavy drinking and isolation in which he puts himself in. At the end, they get together.

After had reading the 50 Shades series, I wanted to read a steamier romance without the BDSM. This book satisfied that want and or need for that type of reading. Incredibly written and way better than the 50 Shades series.

Pierce, M. Night Owl. St, Martins Griffin, 2014.

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